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@dlane yes we're working on that :)
about 63 hr 46 min ago via TweetDeck
BIO   TweetDeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more.

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chrislynch_mwm With its apps, including @tweetdeck and @grooveshark #Chrome is quickly becoming my favourite browser.
Monday, Dec 13
smiling_sudha @TweetDeck twitter is my fav networking site,m a huge fan of twitter n an active user,last week lost my 5000 tweets,plz help,want them back!
Monday, Dec 13
mouradhajjouji @jamalmesbahi zogenaamd dat je fb en twitter samen in een app hebt. Maar @tweetdeck is beter. Heeft namelijk ook buzz en @fsquare
Monday, Dec 13
GarethHowell Been unable to post to Twitter from @tweetdeck for last half hour! "network problems".#Fail
Monday, Dec 13
zerocool8600 @TweetDeck is awesome! ^_^
Monday, Dec 13
nokia_fan if you have trouble with @tweetdeck for android and redundant accounts: clear cache and data of that app, reinstall it and sync your account
Monday, Dec 13
CodaCoder @TweetDeck under some circumstances if a firefox profile is already running tweetdeck cant talk to it - wants 2 launch another one. big nono
Monday, Dec 13