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BIO   Society of Manufacturing Engineers - Premier source for manufacturing knowledge, education and networking.
Website: www.sme.org
Company Website: www.sme.org

B2BTOTY Q&A with Manufacturing (SME)
WHO'S TWEETING for Manufacturing (SME)
As a B2B professional, what is the number one reason you use Twitter?
We use Twitter to connect to and inform the #manufacturing community.
What is the most important content you provide to your followers on Twitter?
The most important content we provide for #manufacturing is information on workforce development issues.
How do you interact with both followers and those you follow on Twitter?
We interact on Twitter by sending and sharing (RT) #manufacturing news and information.
On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (extremely), how important is twitter to your B2B marketing, communications and PR?
Twitter rates about 7 for B2B communicaton. Would not have rated it so high originally, after 2 yrs, we have an active #manufacturing group.
How would you describe your business strategy for Twitter?
SME wants to connect to its audiences where they are. By sharing #manufacturing news/info, SME's relevence to industry is enhanced.
What is the most important thing you’ve learned from Twitter?
The most important thing we've learned from Twitter is what words matter the most. #manufacturing
What is your best advice for other B2B companies not yet using Twitter?
Advice to other B2Bs: Find and/or build a community around a cohesive topic, always use community hashtag, provide useful content.
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