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Network better. Socialize better. Converse better. 18 tips from @RealSimple http://bit.ly/9ZdG3v
about 26 minutes ago via SMX:Thrive
BIO   Principal of Sisarina Inc, a web-marketing company; hostess of #DCTweetup; local connector
Website: sisarina.com
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TBilich Excellent. RT @Sisarina Son to mom yesterday: I didn't know today was Veterinarian's day! #truestory
Friday, Nov 12
sundaypeaches @Sisarina you could not even be more awesome.
Friday, Nov 12
lupecantina @Sisarina do you use yelp?
Friday, Nov 12
TheRita @Sisarina Awww how cute!
Friday, Nov 12
EvolvingElle Boo! I have to work but I'll share! RT @Sisarina EvolvingElle 11/17 at @lupecantina get your girlfriends and come! http://bit.ly/dcsingles1
Friday, Nov 12
EvolvingElle @Sisarina When is it??? #dcsinglesmeetup
Friday, Nov 12