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Cool article! Scientists take @Microsoft #Xbox Kinect beyond play http://bit.ly/hNEui5 - #NASA may use for 3D teleconferences!
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BIO   I am the government relationship and social media marketing manager for Microsoft’s U.S. State and Local government business

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As a B2B professional, what is the number one reason you use Twitter?
I use Twitter to connect with our gov customers in a way you can't with traditional mktg. I can talk, help and listen to my customers now.
What is the most important content you provide to your followers on Twitter?
Sharing customer stories is the most important content I share with my followers. Making customers heroes is my mission with social media.
How do you interact with both followers and those you follow on Twitter?
I answer questions and try to get them answers (from Microsoft) for their issues they send me over Twitter. I RT their great content too.
On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (extremely), how important is twitter to your B2B marketing, communications and PR?
A 7 - we use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and blogs as part of our mktg, communications and PR strategies for Microsoft and government.
How would you describe your business strategy for Twitter?
Twitter is one part of the strategy. We use social media to enhance our web presence and push news instead of traditional press releases.
What is the most important thing you’ve learned from Twitter?
To be honest and open about me and why I use Twitter. To help - Twitter is all about customer service. If I can't answer, I find someone who
What is your best advice for other B2B companies not yet using Twitter?
Determine 1st if your customers are using Twitter - if they are, create a strategy and then start to use Twitter. Don't start and then stop.
rodtrent The Rod Trent Daily is out! http://bit.ly/hEs7Ar â–¸ Top stories today by @jsaaby @msmanageability @intelinside @stephenlrose @microsoft_gov
Monday, Jan 10
Johnacook And its complete. “@Microsoft_Gov: Obama moves forward with unique internet ID for all Americans, http://t.co/GNHmDz3 via @engadget
Sunday, Jan 9
admeeuwsen RT @majvandenberg The crm Daily is out! http://bit.ly/a92kcc â–¸ Top stories today by @goodcrm @microsoft_gov
Saturday, Jan 8
majvandenberg The crm Daily is out! http://bit.ly/a92kcc â–¸ Top stories today by @goodcrm @microsoft_gov
Saturday, Jan 8
kinectgame RT @LawVolDPRT @Microsoft_Gov New blog post - #Microsoft #CES 2011 – More on #Kinect, Surface 2.0 and t... http://bit.ly/gwnHs4 #kinect
Friday, Jan 7
jmajka @microsoft_gov I'm the public sector marketing head for Alvarezandmarsal.com
Thursday, Jan 6
jmajka @microsoft_gov No. But I wish...not sure if you heard, but I have a new gig...
Thursday, Jan 6