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BIO   Assistant Dean, UCLA Anderson MBA Admissions & Financial Aid, b-school trends follower, world traveler, blogging pro, social media guide, & gourmet coffee lover

B2BTOTY Q&A with Mae Jennifer Shores
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As a B2B professional, what is the number one reason you use Twitter?
To share accurate, timely info with prospective students and other b-school industry professionals - to dispel existing misinformation.
What is the most important content you provide to your followers on Twitter?
T most imp content is on the MBA application process, b-school trends (e.g., applicant, career, academic), and gen bus and social media news
How do you interact with both followers and those you follow on Twitter?
Interaction includes re-tweets; direct msgs; sharing imp articles and links to blogs, websites et al, and mtg in person at b-school events.
On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (extremely), how important is twitter to your B2B marketing, communications and PR?
Twitter has gone from 1 to 9 in our B2B marketing over the course of the last year and 1/2.
How would you describe your business strategy for Twitter?
Bus strategy is to disseminate info broadly and level the playing field among prospective MBA students re: knowledge of b-school and admissi
What is the most important thing you’ve learned from Twitter?
Twitter has taught me that info that is shared regularly and succinctly is welcome by increasingly busy professionals.
What is your best advice for other B2B companies not yet using Twitter?
Should you choose to try Twitter, commit to using it regularly and for a period of time in order to test its usefulness for you.
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socioinnovation RT TweetDiscovered: RT @MJShoresThe history of #social networking fr #Fast Co: http://bit.ly/etE0XF #innovation... http://bit.ly/huwUk5
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dijayHAN @MJShores @akilbello Jordan taking the Anderson MBA might not be a bad idea considering he's running a team now!
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