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Visiting my aunt in Kent, WA.
about 2 hr 6 min ago via Twitter for Windows Phone
BIO   Developer Evangelist at Microsoft in Toronto, Thrilla from Manila, rock and roll accordion player, casual cyclist, clotheshorse and all-round bon vivant.
Company Website: microsoft.ca
Personal Website: joeydevilla.com
Other URL: globalnerdy.com

B2BTOTY Q&A with Joey deVilla
WHO'S TWEETING for Joey deVilla
As a B2B professional, what is the number one reason you use Twitter?
It's the quickest, most concise, findable and fun way to get the word out, ask questions, share opinions and stay in touch with people onlin
What is the most important content you provide to your followers on Twitter?
Stories: technology and what I'm working on, what's happening around the corner and globally, and stuff just for their amusement.
How do you interact with both followers and those you follow on Twitter?
All sorts of ways, from "@-banter" and DMs to blog entries to replies, all the way to talking with them in person - whatever works best.
On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (extremely), how important is twitter to your B2B marketing, communications and PR?
10. As a tech evangelist serving a huge place like Canada, it's important to have an online presence, and Twitter's a key part of that.
How would you describe your business strategy for Twitter?
I use it as the "thin edge of the wedge", to bring people to what I want to show them, as well as a way to stay on top of what's going on.
What is the most important thing you’ve learned from Twitter?
That brevity is the soul of wit.
What is your best advice for other B2B companies not yet using Twitter?
Find your company's "haiku extrovert", someone w/ a good written "voice" who loves to write and can be compelling in 140 chars and unleash!
c_vilela @AccordionGuy hey, wanna make sure you're getting enough bang for your buck, you know?
Thursday, Feb 10
JulesInTO @AccordionGuy - You're prolific! Did you like The Social Network? I think it nds 2 b seen on the big screen for the music & the rowing scene
Thursday, Feb 10
alwaysellen Should be law! With salt & fat. “@AccordionGuy: I like how they list calorie counts on menus at chain restaurants in America.�
Thursday, Feb 10
lilydustbin @AccordionGuy It's a federal law, passed last year ...
Thursday, Feb 10
weffey @AccordionGuy Theoretically there's a .Net UG on Monday while you're here: http://dotnetda.org/. Content TBA. Want to present?
Thursday, Feb 10
josholalia @allenmmurray You guys should jam! RT @AccordionGuy Scenes from Seattle, Part 1: http://bit.ly/ijXBpH / http://bit.ly/fLzv0E #in
Thursday, Feb 10
fallenprogrammr RT @JulieLerman way too real....RT @tpdorsey RT @jbristowe "Procrastination Flowcharts" /by @AccordionGuy http://bit.ly/g5AQz8
Thursday, Feb 10